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  1. When I exit the game in Steam, it still shows me "in game" and will not let me start up Don't Starve again, or exit Steam, as it tells me the Application is Running and I need to shut it down. I have looked through the open processes to try and forcibly shut it down, but cannot see what I need to stop. I can forcibly stop the Steam process and when I restart steam it no longer shows me in game. I am running Windows XP sp3. I have a Dell d630 with NVS Nvidia quadro 135m video. Don't Starve rev. 68913, 2012-11-09_17-17-10, 17:09:17 I am not subscribed to the dev or testing builds in steam... should I be? This error happens every time I exit the game. Let me know if you need any more information. Also... VERY FUN GAME! I love it! ruddyadam