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  1. Its not an exploit, its a feature!Click spiderWilson:"Go for the eyes, [my pig army]!"Pigs follow the order.
  2. Sold! Message me on Skype: Em3rgencyEDIT: Transaction completed, both parties happy ^.^
  3. @mbhc Love all of your suggestions, I'd like to see all of that!
  4. How do you plan on paying? Because I have a credit card and 10$ for 2 keys would be a 3$ profit
  5. Wait, do you own the game? Maybe your demo just ran out and you're getting that error instead of the regular "Buy to continue" screen
  6. Is it that common of an issue for people? I've logged 10 hours so far, and it has only happened once while I was trying to quit anyway
  7. Poor ol' Vulturas ;D Go take your medicine and have a nice afternoon nap, before you burst a blood vessel Young people will be young.@yeti1337 please look at other suggestion threads before making a close (a badly spelled one at that) Enjoy the game! ^.^
  8. You do realize that this statement is ALWAYS true? If I understand correctly, its already been over two months since the very first people could play Release notes go back all the way to June.
  9. You use the shovels to dig up graves So far I found ghosts (unkillable, attack you on sight) and an amulet that does not do anything, but good snack for the science machine.
  10. Vulturas you seem to have a big problem with all the suggestions. Yes we know the game is in beta, EVERYONE knows. And gunpowder specifically mentioned it as well. This IS a suggestion forum, the devs DO want to hear what people want, so please stop berating everyone who posts a suggestion.Now that we have that out of the way, Vulturas is right on the point that none of these suggestions are new I suppose it just shows how much people want these things, but it does somewhat clutter the forums
  11. Many people here sell their gift codes of the game through any and all services. Just post an offer and wait for someone to accept it Like yesterday someone got Don't Starve for a 3EUR game on Steam as a trade. Best of luck!
  12. No, that IS a solution. Something as minor as that can easily be changed in the game code I like the idea of tents fast forwarding. But perhaps make it fade to black when it does and have a random event happen sometimes, like a batch of spiders or other monsters suddenly attack you.
  13. Sounds like you're describing boss creatures. The game is still in development so more creatures and hopefully bosses will come!
  14. I'm all for challenging, but you get to a point where the wilderness no longer threatens you and all the constant walking becomes very tedious and repetitive. Now I am not saying you should be able to teleport around at will. It needs to be a magical skill that requires 400+ research points and either it would have a long cooldown or be very resource costly or even both!