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    Mac + controller?

    Not at all. My online research showed that it worked just fine before I bought it. And, like I said earlier, I found the problem: Google Chrome.(Ask me why a browser has a gamepad API, or why it eats all of the button presses when it's running, even in the background, and I'll have no answer for you. But the game loves the controller just fine when Chrome isn't running.)
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    Mac + controller?

    So, weirdly enough, this looks to be what was happening to me, too: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/59689/my-mountain-lion-wont-recognize-usb-controller-button-presses-why
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    Mac + controller?

    So, I agree with the caution the game gives you when it starts up, and I'd love to use a controller to play Shank.I've got a Logitech F310 plugged into my Mac, but the game doesn't seem to see it, or give me the option to use it instead of the keyboard.Am I missing something?