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  1. well done. i love using noise makers and bamboo daggers to make the guards do dumb things.i almost feel bad killing the odd guards that run off to sneak smokes in remote areas of the map. almost.
  2. the cartoony style makes it cute. however, cant help but wonder what a less "tounge in cheeky" ninja game would be like, in actual 3D environments. the animation just reminds me of the batman cartoons kids watch nowadays.the story concerning the ink is a cool spin on things however. i guess a happy medium is what this game screams for. would put tenchu to shame, as it should, considering there doesnt appear to be anything new comin down the pike in that department.maybe if it were 3D anime motn, equipped with the M rating & even more of an emphisis on a more dynamic stealth killing system.not to be misunderstood, the 2D platforming is showcased quite well with stealth mechanics. just makes me wonder, "what if"...?