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  1. [spoilers maybe] I've been surviving for 9 days, growing my beard, like usual. I decided to go to my camp near the pigman village. Well when I say near I mean smack dab in the center. Anyways i noticed one of the pigman sleeping on the floor when t turned dusk. I thought it was weird but dismissed it when i saw his name "butters" and just thought it was some kind of joke/easter egg refrence to south park. buuuuut i then noticed every other pigman sleeping outside as well...hmmmm It turned night and guess what happened . Four Werepigs spring up and scare the **** out of me! I tried to make circles around the village but eventually they got me. So please someone tell me what in the hell were the odds of me getting ambushed by four of those things!? I thought they were rare! Ps: Only after I died did I realize I had an amulet in my inventory
  2. Annoying Deaths

    Okay. I've survived 53 days. A pretty good run if I dooo say so myself. Had everything under control with the turbo farms, rabbit hunting ect. Until i decided to try to adventure to the swamps. Those god.Dam.Swamps.... As i was collecting reeds and exploring 2 tentacle things both pop up not 10 seconds from entering the blasted biome and simultaneously struck me. To death. Granted i didn't have max health i just feel very annoyed by this death. BUT, still a great game. Leave an experiance where you felt this way of a death that shouldn't have been.
  3. Any pros care to share what their highest research points at one time?
  4. I have a suggestion. For people like me who cant really navigate in dense forests, how about adding a second control setting (when the options button is made) with arrow keys to move around. this may offend the makers of this game becuase it was made to be point and click, so just ignore me if this doesn't tickle your fancy.
  5. Beta Feedback Roundup

    Some sort of way to ressurect dead spiders! Sure, they die again at the end of the day, but provide some protection.
  6. More monsters, and other awesomeness.

    erg all these suggestions make me think of all the times im going to die . oh, and this is my first hi. love your game.