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  1. All things should be readily flammable! All of them! This puts such a damper in my "kill it with fire" mentality. Just...someone insert a flame retardancy slider in the settings for me...
  2. What if it rains sometimes and you need a tent to keep your fire lit at night while it's downpourin'? Too much fuel and it sets it on fire! D:
  3. (First time I've played since the trees/bees update.) I met an evil tree for the first time ever and he was just sliding around chasing me until I hit him. (no animation cycle - just scooting along): WARNING: I have a potty mouth.
  4. Made a vid where I get the bug twice, but not how I'd anticipated. (WARNING: I cuss a couple times.) I became lazy and started herding rabbits into the traps to save time, however the game consistently wiped the food items in my inventory and I didn't receive meat on pickup. Oh well, at least carrots are easy to replace. NOTE: If I set traps and don't frighten the rabbits into them, I can safely collect them without incident. Hope this helps
  5. I like the water cuz: