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  1. Everything is black and blocky?

    If my description of the odd text wasn't clear there's an example picture of when I hover the mouse over a post if it helps. Again this may not even really be a problem related to the game itself but any tech savvy person with some knowledge maybe I could get some help
  2. Everything is black and blocky?

    Yes, Toaster Fu, that is exactly the same image I'm getting. As I said as well I'm getting weird text colors and blocked/blacked out areas of texts randomly. Not even just in the game but my computer. Really odd.
  3. Everything is black and blocky?

    I am on Windows 7. I've had the game for a while and it wasn't until recently that this happened. Odd. For whatever reason my text when hightlighted is like blue with a black backing. I went under the options menu to see exactly the card I had because I had forgotten the exact one and all the text is blocked out? This is really odd. Perhaps you have an idea of what's going on? ATI Radeon HD 5850 card btw.
  4. Everything is black and blocky?

    helpful advice*
  5. Everything is black and blocky?

    Perhaps this is just something wrong with my cpu but for w/e reason when I start up Don't Starve the hands are big black and blocky and the actual select screen is blacked out. I can't see nething. I have no idea what's going on and if anyone has any helpful issues? I'm not experiencing any graphical errors with say my steam library of games just this one. Any advice?
  6. I am from California and I, too, arrived here due to Totalbiscuit. I hope you guys prove him wrong by the way. He liked the game but didn't think it had enough longevity to it to keep him interested. Take that as a challenge haha.
  7. Events, Weaponry and bosses!

    Kind of a jack ass statement you just made there. The person was clearly and nicely making some suggestions, this is beta he is allowed to make SUGGESTIONS. Completely uncalled for.
  8. Weather.

    I believe weather elements would be a great idea. I don't know how people feel about "loading screens" but I believe the tent should be a place we can actually go inside and perhaps have a few chests inside when there's severe weather or even when it's just night time. I think shelter needs to be more emphasized in the game.
  9. Best things / Worst things

    if you have both characters, or even if u dont, your not invested in anything actually. I unlocked both chicks after one 46 day campaign. So starting over isn't exactly a big deal. This game isn't even really officially beta yet anyways. You can't expect perfection and calling things "unacceptable" is a bit over the top imho.
  10. Best things / Worst things

    I don't think pigs are a problem at all. Two things that come to mind that have already been mentioned here is lack of actual danger as far as enemies goes, all you have to do it kite moderately well and you're gravy. As well as the whole night mechanic. In my opinion, a very intriguing risk-reward kind of mechanic could be added when night comes. Perhaps there are certain things "available" at night time that you otherwise can not access. As far as I know the only thing even remotely night time exclusive are the fire flys. So far they don't even really do anything. I wouldn't focus on much realism with this game, the fact you can make a 1-up out of beard hair and lots of pig meat speaks for itself. There is a slight magical aspect to this game, hell there's even a tab in the creation menu that's marked as such. Therefore, adding something rare or worth going for at night time would make me actually want to leave the safety of my campfire. Because for the most part I just farm around the immediate area.
  11. The game is telling me to repurchase?

    reinstalled chrome, twice, reinstalled the app, pretty much did the whole shebang. Emailed the company through contact us twice. I messaged a super mod as well as the founder of the company to no luck yet. So hopefully I hear something Soon. I'm surprised I'm the ONLY one with this problem.
  12. The game is telling me to repurchase?

    Bump. I wanted to know if I'm the only one with this issue? I've bought the game but it's telling me I don't own it? Google wallet told me the purchase was processed completely so I'm confused as to what is happening.
  13. I never got another game key.

    they send the friends game key to your email that you used. So go check your email. Quick question to ya to help me out, did you receieve any kind of game code for yourself? or did the game just automatically start working? Because I can't even play my game now.
  14. The game is telling me to repurchase?

    So I tried this and still nothing. Restarted computer, reinstalled the game, friggin did EVERYTHING and my friend can reload his game and bam its just fine. I do have a question I never got a key when i bought the game, the only key sent to me thru email was the one for my buddy so was I suppose to enter a key for myself? I never got one, idk why it'd work 1 sec then stop the next
  15. So I bought this game recently and played it just fine all morning. I head to work and come back home to see the game crashed, ok fine. I reload to see the original starting screen as in play demo, buy full game etc. Wut? I purchased the game already, I have the proof through google wallet hell my friend is using the extra code i got from the purchase as I speak and is playing just fine. So for whatever reason my game isnt allowing me to play the full title even though it's already bought. Anyone have a similar problem or have any idea? Any help is appreciated thanks.