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  1. Still talking with the Mod's trying to figure out what the problem is, once we find the cause I will post how to fix it.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me, PM'ed you the problem is that the game will not load at all and there is a lot of people with this problem. We are all looking for a fix.
  3. Still no help on this issue. PM'ed Mods and no response, tried twitter and get told to post a thread here. Post a thread here and no Devs/Mods respond to it. Really not sure what is going on, is the problem known by the Dev's are they working on a fix? At least an update or something would be nice.
  4. Anyone in the Dev team can help with this? :/
  5. Have the same problem and non of these fixes work. Tried both clearing cache and fresh install of chrome.
  6. Ye a quick Google search and there is a lot of people with the same problem, I haven't been able to play the demo yet. I guess we got to wait for a fix.
  7. Hi All, Just looking for some help with this game as I am unable to start it. Screenie: Things iv tried: - Cleared all Web Browser Data - Fresh install of Web browser I meet the system requirements. Every time I go to start the game that message instantly pops up. Thanks in advance, Any help is appreciated.