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  1. I have found that if I kill a spider, it may drop monster meat, which cooks into cooked monster meat (colored purple). If I trap the spider and then cook the meat, it turns into normal cooked meat, although upon receiving the meat from the trap it still comes out as monster meat (CORRECTION: it comes out as normal meat).Bug, or feature?
  2. So, I found out a fix to my issue. Apparently, I can log in to the game only when I haven't pulled up another Google application, such as Gmail or any sort of Google search. If I do, I have to restart my machine, otherwise I get the blank splash screen.Hope this helps!
  3. I was able to access and install the app from the store on previous builds, but had other issues with the game (blank splash window after permissions screen).It happens when I bring the game up in the Chrome app store, where the normal "Install" button would be, but is now blanked/washed out.When I access the game from the chrome new window/tab, I receive the same error as before (a.k.a. the blank splash window), but I was previously able to access the game from the chrome store as well.Hope that answers your questions, sorry about the confusion.Edit: Just tried accessing it again, and it works. Awesome!Edit2: Got blank splash screen again after having it work and buying the game...what? (Note: this change happened with the newest build, 67268. It worked with the previous build, which I believe was close to 67096.)
  4. This is the message I receive upon trying to play the game with the newest build:"This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled."As far as I am aware, I should not be having this difficulty in installing and playing the game. My graphics card is not on the OpenGL blacklist for chrome, all my drivers are up to date, etc.My Dxdiag:OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)Processor: IntelĀ® Core2 Quad CPU Q9000 @ 2.00 GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.0GHzMemory: 6144MB RAMGfx Card: GeForce GTM 260M (nVidia)Is there something I'm missing that would prevent me from installing/playing?
  5. I am still experiencing this issue, though I am currently reading the other thread and will be sending you a PM with the Console Debug information that you requested of another user with a similar, if not the same, issue.Thank you for letting us know you're working on it!
  6. The dev's have mentioned a few times that they're not looking to incorporate direct player interaction in games in other threads, mostly referring to cooperative modes. I would imagine this kind of PvP would be included in that.However, I'd be interested in an indirect kind of PvP if you have any ideas on that.
  7. Incorporate different methods of research. For instance, some things make sense that you could research with the machine, but perhaps magic would be only obtainable with a cauldron that spawns in a particular part of the world (thinking the swamp here) or meat products would have to be bought (like blueprints) from the pigmen. Break up the item research between areas, and you encourage exploring and survival methods using few items while increasing the game's difficulty at the same time.Edit: Another thing that occurred to me is that you could have certain items craftable ONLY in a particular place, i.e. next to/through the proposed cauldron item or whatever system/item would be placed in the pigmen village. This would encourage players to not be able to set up camp as easily if they want the more advanced items.
  8. Problem persists for me. I am updating my original post as most information occurs to me.It seems as though the splash window doesn't even load properly (after the asking permissions page), as the html has only these scripts: [*html][head][/head][body][/body][/html*] Asterisks added for clarity.
  9. I have this same error, although I have not tested another person's google account. Uninstall/reinstall of chrome, updating Java, clearing the cache, all seem to have no effect.On a side note, I am attempting to access this from a college campus intranet which has had problems with certain AAA full-online titles in the past. Someone much smarter than me would have to determine whether that's a factor or not. According to the dev's of the two games I've had problems with, the issue was with what ports the client and server were communicating over.Edit: Tried it on another person's google account on the same internet, same problem.
  10. To whomever this may concern: The issue is as follows. Whenever I load the app in my chrome browser, the login window/button appears and I click it. It brings up the requesting permissions dialogue, to which I press accept. This same window is then redirected to another site which is completely lacking of any form of scripting. The url is this: http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/code?state=http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/package/logup.html&code=4/rr6PpLtRUZhJWJHa4cnjYcGIUDA_.coE_P62x8rwSshQV0ieZDAq4yUmCcwI Other user threads have suggested clearing the browser cache, reinstalling chrome, and logging in and out of my google account to resolve the issue, but none of these approaches have worked thus far. I am very interested in trying the game out, while leaning towards purchasing it, but this has been somewhat of a dampener of my efforts. Thanks to any all who read/consider/reply.