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  1. But until you even get to meet pigs (depending on how lucky you get) you will need to fight and gather resources. You must fight in this game, there's no solution to not fighting unless you have dumb luck and find a pigman town/thing. It's best if you destroy spider lairs early, if you don't, T3's are a damn pain. And pigs are pretty disposable, and building a pig army is more dissatisfying, this game is about living in loneliness, not about being the french general of a pig bacontallion.

  2. I'll be honest. The game is lovely and the style is awesome. But the combat system is utterly terrible. The only way to win at combat in this game is have experience in damn micromanagement in RTS games. Move a bit somewhere, hit, move a bit somewhere, hit. It's mostly like kiting in most games, but a lot more harder and usually pretty low reward if you're going for the spiders. I don't know how to improve the combat, but it's pretty damn hard and unsatisfying.

  3. My intention with the pigs is for them to seem a bumbling and bit chaotic. Wilson doesn't really speak 'pig', and they're just hanging out with him because they want more meat. Sometimes they overstep their bounds and punch tier 3 spider dens with no backup. Silly pigs!I still want the player to feel lonely, even when surrounded by a horde of hired pigs. I think that having too much *direct* control over them would undercut that. That said, their brains are pretty basic at this point, and I hope to add some more advanced (autonomous) behaviours as time goes on. I've also got a pig-related surprise coming in a couple of updates that I think you will all enjoy.

    I don't want to be the one to say this, but by adding pigs you automatically dispelled part of the "loneliness" problem. The first time I found a pig and gave him some food, he started following me around, clumsy walking and rarely helping pig, but hey, it's fun and makes you feel less lonely. I still have him around and tend to avoid trekking at night near T3's XDSo why not this, to make pigs still seem off while still being able to help you, and accompany. Full moon werepigs?