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  1. Pigs freezing, when changing camera angle.

    I always change my camera angle and my pig always kept following me... or I'm missing the point.
  2. The bow thing reminds me of Minecraft. The fighting system in Minecraft is bad. And so is the one in this game sadly. You just kite in this game. Kite all day long.
  3. Campfire is NOT Fire Pit. Please... don't make me draw you what this means.
  4. Press the arrows keys man. DO IT. It's already implemented. I mean they were THAT fast.
  5. If they smooth up the edges on the island the water wouldn't look so off if you think about it.
  6. How much did you play? There is no tent, beefalo, pigman, different biome (you could say that the background is kinda different), fireplace (that's a fire pit, different thing) and no chest icons for the minimap. And lets be honest, chests and tents should have been there. An army? That would get really stale really quick in my honest opinion. Have some pigmen, armor them up, go after spiders, watch everything die and lag the screen up. And I never mentioned "army".
  7. Click on rabbit, click elsewhere, pigman will go and attack the rabbit, and the rabbit will not run. It will just stay there waiting to be turned into a tasty morsel. I think this is a bug, because in the areas filled with rabbits you can get tons of morsels with little effort.Also, crows seem to be immune to pigs.
  8. Equip an axe and hack at an tree.
  9. Gold?

    Maybe in the future, for now you know, beta beta.
  10. The game is telling me to repurchase?

    Why not reinstalling Chrome? If that ain't working... maybe some mods will lend a hand? Send them an inquiry or something if this keeps happening.
  11. Some ideas

    Isn't this a forum? Isn't the idea of giving ideas and taking critique from the ideas? The reason I'm not posting any is because I don't want to post things that might have already been posted or the staff is already doing. Your hostility towards me means only that you lack the mind to use your words in a compelling manner so you can show me I am wrong. Throwing insults ain't gonna help anybody kiddo.
  12. Some ideas

    1) It's an easy way to catch effective food.2) It would be too easy then. Spiders are naturally afraid of fire, but if you piss them off, they WILL rip you to shreds. 3) This is said too often, this is a beta, do you expect everything?4) Why not make a list for yourself? And why do we "need" one? Isn't science trial and error?5) You get yer water from eating vegetables and fruit if you think about it.
  13. 10 ideas to think on.

    Because it's magic! You can't make robots using magic! Where's ya bloody logic? Make a flesh golem!
  14. Does flint respawn?

    I was going to say this too. Birds already carry lots of stuff around, why not give them twigs and rocks? Maybe even grass.
  15. 10 ideas to think on.

    1. You need wood. Without wood you don't get fire. Without fire, you die.2. The Game is in beta...3. You know this game is in early beta, right?4. Of course there are still some exploits, but those being available it doesn't mean you can abuse them. Also, don't the eggs spawn spiders after they're hit, when they're planted? PS: I think I forgot to tell you,game is in beta.5. This one could work, they have plans in future, but for now nothing is set in stone, there are other priorities.6. You can give meat or something to pigmen. If you cut a tree, they cut trees, or something. Play the game some more.7. *sigh* Give me a B! Give me a E! Give me a T! Give me an A! What do we get? Betacarotene!8. I said this so many times it's silly. There's a combat tab, the two crossed swords, with just one thing. They will add stuff in the future oooo.9. How do you want to make a robot in the middle of the wilderness? Keep some logic around here.10. That would be weird, but that is already in the game, somewhat. Two characters can't grow beards so they can't make the effigy. And it would be kinda pointless for a singleplayer experience. If it would be coop or such, it could work, but because it's singleplayer it would take too much time and too many resources from the game to make something that would pretty much annoy the veterans of this game.
  16. Surviving forever.

    That means having some sort of shelter first, for immersion's sake, at least a roof thingamabob.
  17. Well, seeing that people like to do this, I will give it a shot. Rambling words in 3, 2, 1...I've died several times in this game (most due to spiders, curse 'em), and managed to get a personal best of ten days, alongside a functional camp, I think this game works pretty well considering the stage in which the game is. The animation quality is great, but I don't know if it's a beta thing or not, but the beefalos (or how you call them) are a bit better animated than the other counterparts (pigmen or spiders, or even the main character), nothing against that, mostly because their image fits very well with the desert/savannah zone they are. Continuing...The crafting system is very well set-up, but I do have a problem every time I look at it... I know this is a game and it mixes magic and science, but I have yet to figure out, how does the science machine works. Put item in, get points. At least it should've been some sort of table or something similar. This one strikes an odd chord whenever I put something in it, mostly looking at it and saying to myself "what does it do with the item...".Continuing, the interface is pretty well made, and quite intuitive, and the idea of the game pretty much offers a small view of the point and click (excepting the combination from the inventory window, and weird complex puzzles that are probably made by people high on something).Another thing in this game is that I never felt cheated when I died, if I died, I always had a reason, I whacked on a tier 3 spider den-mabob, heck, I deserve to die under a swarm of spiders, I forget to make a fire or lack the items because I wanted to make a fast science-machine-thing, okay, my APM couldn't help me kill the spiders well enough... you get it. When you die, you're at fault.Now onto the small things.You'd think than when you rightclick an equipped item it would end in your inventory... it actually drops, and I found that out when I wanted to change my torch to an axe, and when to fire up a spider lair, I had it no more. I was just saying.Maxwell, or how you call him, why not offer some more references to him, randomly in the game? Give it a story, or something. You don't even have a reason why to live if I'm honest, nothing beside the reason "to live". Is there any other reason? Revenge? Something?Welp, these are my points. Dunno if you liked them, but carrion.
  18. Beta Feedback Roundup

    Map Usefulness Add icon for tent? I don't see one in my game XD
  19. I just hope I will get a code if I used the 2nd code in a gift-a-ma-bob.
  20. Don't Starve wikia

    Best way to hunt rabbits is to draw an imaginary line between you, the rabbit hole, and the rabbit. You click on the rabbit after you are between him and the rabbit hole. Usually you're behind his hole, and you click on the rabbit. Free morsel, ONLY if the rabbit is not within 2-2.5 CM's of the hole.
  21. Facing some annoying lag

    Game is in beta, optimization is still happening if I'm right with my game knowledge. It's an issue if it happens when the game is out, yet still. It's been happening to me too, I have no idea why. My laptop is quite good XD
  22. I wonder if we have to buy it again if we want to play it on Steam...