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  1. I'd rather have questions and feedback separated. More efficient.
  2. Goddamnit... this is a beta. What do you expect at this stage? We barely have the early-game. There is no midgame and no endgame, let the guys make the stuff first, and then complain that there is not X,Y,Z.PS: read the others suggestions on the forum before posting, they're getting repetitive.
  3. Creature Suggestions

    How are you supposed to kill it? Whacking at it with an axe or pickaxe in the earlygame seems like a baaaad idea.
  4. Wait... what pig king? You lost me.
  5. Creature Suggestions

    That is kinda damn big o.o
  6. Rabbit Herding Bug

    Cutting the path is cutting their meat.
  7. Backpacks & More!

    The backpack would be okay if:1. it would add only a handful of inv slots2. has VERY lot durability3. if it gets destroyed, items fall on the ground
  8. That would be silly if they added a story XD The pig town to have a pig chieftain that controls the pigmen. The pigs from that town can't join you unless you beat the Big Bad Vulf.
  9. Hunger is a big factor in this game, they should get hungrier day by day up to a cap, the max cap being something once every 1-2 days would be awesome.Edit: why not a pig through and pigs eat when they want?
  10. Why not give them food constantly?
  11. And my point got proved!
  12. Faster clicking-> Faster cutting down tree. If you go click, click, click... it will go down sometime. If you go CLICKLICKLICKCLICKLICK it will do down faster.
  13. Well, that means either slowing down the process for everybody, or just make him just go *WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK* like a chainsaw on the tree. But either way, maniacally clicking or just add max-speed cutting via holding click, it still looks kinda weird.
  14. But until you even get to meet pigs (depending on how lucky you get) you will need to fight and gather resources. You must fight in this game, there's no solution to not fighting unless you have dumb luck and find a pigman town/thing. It's best if you destroy spider lairs early, if you don't, T3's are a damn pain. And pigs are pretty disposable, and building a pig army is more dissatisfying, this game is about living in loneliness, not about being the french general of a pig bacontallion.
  15. Backpacks & More!

    Those are just suggestions...
  16. Backpacks & More!

    This is beta... please take it easy on the "do this! do that!" routine. The devs have already seen stuff being said that they will add. Think of what could make the gameplay better, not what other shiny stuff you can get.
  17. So I will stop hear the whining of another whenever I critique other one's ideas, here I go posting my own. Do note that most of my ideas will be going towards enhancing the player experience rather than saying "add this, add that, more items, more monsters" because lets be honest. This game is in beta. That means they will be adding content until it's free to go in the wild. Until then... this is what could work: 1. A clearer craft UI: The craft interface always covers up the left side of the screen, and at times, you could use either the extra view distance, or just have a less cluttered screen. The solution would be easy, add a button, with an image that could mean crafting, or just the words written on the button, the use is to reduce the general amount of space that it's used in the crafting interface when not using the crafting interface. 2. Map improvements: I know the map is still to be set in stone, but I would like seeing some extra details like geographical coordinates (North, South, West, East, etc), after people learn about using the spinning function of the camera, they may get a bit confused, the map shifting in the same time as the point of view. Another small thing is for other things to appear on the map; though I said I won't do this, but icons for the beefalos, tents, pig houses, chests and even campfires would help a lot in the orientation of the new player. 3. Options I don't see anything labeled "options", at least the sound in this early stage, I usually have a podcast or something similar on the background, and entering combat, against a rabbit... is not that exciting... 4. Choice of music for certain situations The soundtrack is very good (whenever it happens), but because I'm going to one-hit a rabbit with a pickaxe, that doesn't mean I need very vibrant combat music that I get against spiders. Something like a musical cue of 2-3 seconds would work best to exemplify the "feat" of getting a rabbit dead and getting something little to eat. 5. Further chase on the path of the seemingly "point and click" I am not asking you to dunk your head in a barrel of drugs and get high and continue making this game as a point and click (that's expensive, lets be honest), but evolving the idea that "item X does Y to Z" is an interesting idea in a survival game of this type. For example, you can give your Pigman something to eat, or something else which he could use, like a pickaxe, or even armor. The ideas are limitless. *If I think of anything else I will post the idea here*
  18. Ah, misread that. Yeah, you can move with WASD and change camera angle with left/right arrows.
  19. I usually look at other people's suggestions and go like "Guys... this is BETA... stuff will be added later, think of what they could improve game-play wise, not what stuff to add as monsters or things like that". But I stopped because some people just like to ***** about you being a critic for their ideas.
  20. I'll be honest. The game is lovely and the style is awesome. But the combat system is utterly terrible. The only way to win at combat in this game is have experience in damn micromanagement in RTS games. Move a bit somewhere, hit, move a bit somewhere, hit. It's mostly like kiting in most games, but a lot more harder and usually pretty low reward if you're going for the spiders. I don't know how to improve the combat, but it's pretty damn hard and unsatisfying.
  21. Campfire Dizziness is that even a bug? If you get dizzy because of something it's mostly because of you and not because there's a coding error.
  22. Need to save _something_

    Single player experience comes first. They said that adding co-op would change the code a lot because there would be 2 people running randomly around.
  23. Surviving forever.

    Why not make ponds? Or flowing water that looks kinda flow-y. People tend to cool their stuff in water a lot of the times especially in wilderness when available. This is going to be a weird idea but why not make a hole? Holes are cool.
  24. Pig Whistle/Horn

    I don't want to be the one to say this, but by adding pigs you automatically dispelled part of the "loneliness" problem. The first time I found a pig and gave him some food, he started following me around, clumsy walking and rarely helping pig, but hey, it's fun and makes you feel less lonely. I still have him around and tend to avoid trekking at night near T3's XDSo why not this, to make pigs still seem off while still being able to help you, and accompany. Full moon werepigs?
  25. He set himself on fire because he was cold, because the old chinese saying: "Give a man a fire, and he will be warm to the night. Set a man on fire, and he will be forever warm."