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  1. Erm Help? Can not play the game error message 405.

    I don't know, I pretty much disabled all my extensions... then deleted them all apart from the one... So it could of been a number of them... Sorry.
  2. Character Saves?

    Hmm you're right, but I do not see really why you need to change you character at all, they all work the same right?
  3. A quick idea...So instead of having different saves, what about if every character had there own save?
  4. Erm Help? Can not play the game error message 405.

    It doesn't matter, found out it was one of my extentions blocking it, sorry
  5. So I tried playing Don't Starve today and it came up with a message saying "Moved TemporarilyThe document has moved here.' I click on the word 'here' and then it comes up with a error message 405 saying "Method not allowed" what the hell?Can some please help me?
  6. Clicking Issue

    Yeah that was the problem, I feel like a noob Thanks!
  7. Clicking Issue

    This is a minor bug or maybe just me and someone can help me fix this, but when I try to click on an object on the floor for example 'Grass' I have to click to the right of it till it glows and then pick it up?It also does not do this in the menu but ingame it does, its rather annoying!Can somebody assist me with this or is this a bug?-Thanks.
  8. Help?!

    So today I bought Don't Starve, and it worked fine... But I have a really old google email is a hotmail account... I didn't get the Gift key sent to me so I converted it to a gmail account and now does not reconigse I have bought the game!I really do not want to buy the game again.. So not only have I lost the game, I did not get the gift key HELP!!! How do I get my account back?I can also prove by showing the receipt!--- PLEASE HELP I AM NOT RE-PURCHASING THIS