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    One other thing: if it makes a difference, I also destroyed the two lights in the room on my first visit (the same visit in which I destroyed the power box on the right before leaving).
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    I just ran into this bug as well. It's incredibly frustrating, given that I spent almost 2 hours meticulously completing this level to beat my friends' scores. Anyway, here's a picture of the bug. Sorry for the grainy resolution, but I only had my iPad 2 with me at the time and the camera on it is pretty low res. As the original poster said, if you take out the first power box in the challenge room (the one on the right that you shoot while hanging upside down), it turns off the two vertical lasers that run up the middle of the room. However, if you die or (in my case) leave the challenge room without completing it, when you come back the two vertical lasers will be lit up again but the power box will still be destroyed, meaning you can't shoot it to disable the lasers again. This renders the challenge room impossible to complete, even if you try to get clever with smoke clouds. None of the following actions fixed the bug: [*]Restarting the checkpoint [*]Backtracking to a different checkpoint and re-entering the challenge room [*]Exiting to the main menu and re-entering the level via Continue [*]Exiting to the 360 dashboard and restarting the game entirely [*]Exiting to the 360 dashboard, clearing the hard drive cache via system settings, and restarting the game No matter what you do, the challenge room remains stuck. This happened to me in one previous challenge room in a level early in the game (sorry, I can't remember which), but it was the first challenge room of the level so I just restarted the map. So this is either a rare systemic bug or the scripting is bad in two of the challenge rooms. Given that a Google search for "Mark of the Ninja challenge room glitch" didn't find anything, I'm guessing it's specifically a problem with two of the rooms. I really don't want to restart the level, but I don't want to leave points on the table due to a bug either. Is there any way to reset a challenge room to its original state? I'm so close to the end of the level that I wish I could just finish it from here. If there's no way to reset it, will it at least be patched? I'm seriously loving the game otherwise, by the way. It's in my top 5 games of the year. I hope this bug can be resolved quickly.