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  1. Awesome Game klei, DLC/ sequal?

    true making co op would be a pain in the ass but that's what a friend said, he was thinking more like how they did it in the castlevania game on the XBL arcade, still i just think a level and challenge room editor would be awesome, and i am fan of ninja gaiden and tenchu as well
  2. Awesome Game klei, DLC/ sequal?

    this is arguably one of the best ninja games i have played in awhile, you guys did an amazing job, me and some friends who have the game where talking and wondering if you have any plans for DLC and or a Squeal? well i guess it might be too early for that, both more then anything i was telling my friends if you guy added a level editor and challenge room editor so players could make there own levels and Challenge rooms and put them up and download i would almost not stop playing and my friends said co op would be awesome along with new weapons and being able to go hand to hand and stealth kill that way and we threw around some idea for new gear, just throwing that out there, oh and we would love to see this game on either PSP or DS, i would buy the game again , its that awesome,