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  1. Lock Up Bug, Very Frustrating

    Hey guys, This is specifically to the developers, but if anyone else has experienced this issue, feel free to comment. First, let me say, I freaking LOVE this game. Definitely in my top 5 XBLA games ever. Problem is, I'm on mission 6 (can't remember the title now), and I've had the game lock up on me 5-6 times, to the point where I had to turn off my XBox and reboot. And, strangely, the checkpoints when I reboot the mission are significantly further back than where I was when the lock-up occurred. In other words, if I just died, I would just restart maybe one or two minutes prior to the point where I died, but if the game locks up, I start back seemingly halfway through the level. The flying crow checkpoints don't seem to be operative when this occurs. As you can imagine, it's annoying to have to redo 20 minutes or so of game time to get where you were. Strangely, any challenges, points, or scrolls I've ound still show up as found on reboot...small consolation. So, two questions:Is anyone else experiencing this issue and does anyone have any info on an upcoming patch? This is the only game that I am experiencing this with, so I don't think it's my system. And this issue may be the only thing that would prevent me from saying that this is, dare I say, a perfect game.BTW, I've never liked a stealth game in my life. In my mind this is THE stealth game. So you can see why I'm a little annoyed that the only thing marring the experience is a technical issue.Thanks!Mitch