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  1. The 3D is not necessary at all. Think of all the exploration that can be done in a 2D realm imagine a MotN game with a 2d worlds as big as Castlevania Symphony of the night or Harmony of Despair, as a matter of fact what if 2D 2 player(I really mean 2 player only!) versus or Co-op in a 2D environment like Harmony of despair maps where two ninjas compete for the most kills or work together by using each individuals unique skills sets! For example I have a kunai with a chain that only I can use as a "tight rope" that me and my buddy can use to traverse an area above an enemy and my buddy has his unique weapon that grants its own unique ability. Imagine the fun coop involved with someone wearing the path of stealth costume while the other brings the hunter or path of might uniform its getting hard for me to write these ideas into words but I am over joyed at the fact that I can see so much potential in a simple 2D game Honestly it can only get better Nels!
  2. Good afternoon Masterfaculty,I'm sorry to hear your having lock up issues. See if you can maybe try and remove the game completely from your console except for your game data and then re-download it. I had this issue with one or two XBLA titles in the past and this usually resolved the issue, also perhaps clearing your game cache could do it as well. Hope that perhaps this info proves useful friend.Best regards
  3. I truly feel that you guys have done an amazing job with this game and you could build on this a lot more than you did on shank. There's room for a prequel maybe or a whole new "Champion" to be chosen. For the next game maybe you can allow the user to chose their one weapon of choice for each level and have a work around as to how that weapon can be applied in each level differently. I definitely like the silent protagonist though made me feel like I was him. Keep at this guys your doing Tenchu, Hitman, Thief, Splinter Cell, MGS and Assassins Creed proud! Your among the titans now in my opinion and you did it in 2D lol
  4. You get mad respect guys that nod to MGS Cardboard box had me laughing so hard in front of my wife. She didnt get it so I loaded up MGS afterwards and she laughed but her response was LOL MGS copied MotN. I love her ignorance of games sometimes.
  5. Did you shut off your XBOX right away before reaching the main menu? Do you unplug your Xbox?<--I ask this cause if you have a live account ever since they added cloud saving the Xbox doesn't completely power down for like 30 seconds or a minute and if you shut it down(unplug) during that time it may corrupt your data even if its saving to the hard drive.
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    Could you maybe take a Screenshot of your TV I think I know which challenge is this. I've found most of them except save two of them so maybe its in the technique versus it being a bug. Also you can always leave the challenge and come back if that happens. THANK YOU KLEI for allowing that.