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  1. I actually love the score too, but is there an option to mute the music? OI want to sometimes be able to play other music in the background but still hear the sound effects in the game...
  2. Hey there guys, since the new update it seems all the stuff I unlocked previously - characters, science researched items etc are not there. Any chance they can be restored or is this just something we will need to get used to with the beta?
  3. That question is answered in this interview from PAX:http://youtu.be/Vo0uLqSg8d0
  4. First I accidentally built my tent on top of my fire pit, and then I put my research center in front of the chest which made accessing all my goods inside it impossible.Can we be able to destroy a constructed object, and/or move it?
  5. Same problem. Built a tent and then there was a chugging sound and my health dropped to almost 0. Went back in and it happened again. its a bug for sure.
  6. Yes. Not just seasons - but WEATHER. Rain, hail, drought (which slows down regrowth), fog...
  7. I agree - re-roll should be a given. (though maybe a way to take a snapshot of your world for nostalgic purposes).But yeah, I survived 7 days, built a firepit and a science research lab, shaved my beard etc and got 10 xp.Burnout sets in quick.
  8. I am curious how the XP system works - it seems to do nothing if I do not survive beyond the days it took to level up previously. But I feel like there should be some sort of progression/xp for my time in each adventure. Otherwise it is just a buzzkill particularly because there is a lot of grinding off the top of a restart.Please understand how much I am enjoying the game but giving rewards for days survived and nothing for anything less than the max days you have previously (as I suspect I am supposed to infer from the xp progress meter) is not conducive to replaying, at least not without re-rolling the map.
  9. I agree. Should be able to use as a weapon (can you?), plant seeds (first thing I would do) - now I know you can just easily plant a tree, but maybe the shovel should be a part of that? If not, it should be involved in agriculture. It could also be used to put out fires (with sand etc)