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  1. my tent did the same thing, I entered at full health and stomach almost full and as Soon as i got in the tent it started making a noise and then kicked me out right when i was almost out of health and almost starving.
  2. Interactions with objects are misaligned

    so I fixed it by pressing command 0 on the load screen where it says dont starve and has the thing about zip files at the bottom. That made it good and I havent had a problem since.
  3. Interactions with objects are misaligned

    I'm also getting this weird box on the screen you can see it here. Odd dark edges on the screen
  4. Interactions with objects are misaligned

    I'm having the same issue, the game randomly decided to zoom at one point and now objects are misaligned and I cant click on smaller things very easily like flints and flowers. It makes it really hard to play the game. I was enjoying and bought the game so hopefully this can get fixed!