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  1. So, what should the rest of us be doing if we have the same problem?
  2. The only email I have received regarding Klei Entertainment is an Order receipt from Google Wallet. I would still like to know how to fix low FPS and the loading bug.EDIT: I guess I'll just wait for the next update.
  3. Hey, I realize the game is still in Beta, but I was curios if there was a way to fix the lag I am getting around the pigs, at least I assume it is the pigs that cause it. I tried refreshing, but the problem persisted. Currently though when I try to start the game I just get the Don't Starve title screen and I think the game is "Waiting for Cache...", that's what my browser says anyways. Finally, I am probably just over looking something, but do I have a code to give to a friend? I pressed the Gift button, I forget the exact wording of it, on the menu screen, but was directed to the buy page after already purchasing the game. Thanks in advance.