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  1. Bug? I'm dense? Spoilers!

    Got passed the bugged part. I noticed this time that the light on the vent that was not opening was green when I entered the room. This was never the case previously. Maybe I just needed to go down and activate the power station that allowed you to throw the first switch that opened the first vent?Anyway, all is well. I've been spending way too much time finding fun ways to kill guards and that level took me forever to play again but I had an absolute blast doing it.Thanks for the help Nels.
  2. Bug? I'm dense? Spoilers!

    Started the mission again, not to where I was stuck previously but already the upgraded kill abilities I unlocked that had not been working are not showing up. The Emperor's Abyss now works.Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come....
  3. Bug? I'm dense? Spoilers!

    I've restarted the checkpoint a few times. I guess I'll try the whole level again in a little bit.I've also noticed while I'm messing around trying to figure it out that the ability "Emperor's Abyss" isn't working. I bought it at the upgrade shrine in the previous chapter but enemies who are walking over me while hanging from the vents in the room previous to the one I'm stuck in do not give me a button prompt.I'll replay the level in a little bit. Got to watch Brad Shoemaker do a Quick Look live on Giant Bomb at 11:00am of the game first =)I'll get back to you guys when I'm done.PS - Nels, I'm the one who PM'd with you on Reddit a bit during the AMA yesterday.
  4. Bug? I'm dense? Spoilers!

    Hey guys, loving the game so far....but like I mentioned in my tweet I'm either thick or something isn't triggering and letting me progress. I'm playing "The Trail Of Shadow" and working on the objective "Find an alternative route". After following the Courier, then passing through the first vent gate opened by a switch I've come to a similar looking vent gate with a red light on it. I dispatched the enemies in the room (including the dog), picked the lock and gone into the small room in the upper left with a switch and flipped it. Camera control was taken from me briefly and focused on the vent with the red light but nothing happened.I've tried flipping the switch with the power in the room on and off. Basically I'm either tired and missing something or maybe I broke something? For reference....low quality pics of where I am on the screen and map...