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  1. With the new update I am getting the "Error: Module load error: undefined" error. Just wanted to let you guys know. I was playing earlier on this update so it is weird that it randomly occurred. Also, I am still having viewing problems with the game, the click is misaligned and the screen is not filling my screen currently.Thanks!
  2. I love the game so far! You guys did a brilliant job with the art style and gameplay. The eerie music that occurs occasionally is perfectly placed. This being said, it is only the beta! I'm very excited to see where this game leads and how many new things will be added to the final version. Overall great job guys! Accidental clicking Tip: A tip that I came up with while playing was the ability to collect resources that seem out of reach (because of objects in front of the resource trying to be collected). I personally feel a nice touch would be to add a light/faint silhouette of the item that is currently behind an object to show up when the mouse is hovering over it, a ghost image if you will, that will allow you to click and pick up the item. The only thing I could see that getting in the way of is if you want to actually interact with the object that is obstructing the resource (such as cutting, gathering, etc...). I know the arrow keys will change the overall map, but I seldom use this feature simply because the chance of getting lost or knowing exactly where you are can be difficult (I use landmarks around the map to establish where my base camp is). That's just my personal tip so far but overall this is a great game and a great value! Thank you!
  3. Yes Spelunker that is almost exactly what is happening to me. The only difference is the ability to click is still misaligned. But the gray transparent box is very apparent when playing and seems to throw everything off.
  4. I always play in "Presentation Mode" on Chrome to get the full screen effect. For some reason (it seems when an area was loading) the side scroll bars appeared, but not the address bar or any other part of the browser for that matter. The screen seemed to shift and I was unable to see the map, health, and time icons on the right. I was not able to scroll over to the icons either. Then items and such started to misalign, as previously posted.This is the first time this issue has occurred for me, and it was the first time playing the recent patch.Just a heads up to help you guys out!(P.S.) Is anyone else having this issue? Because it is very hard to play the game with these certain things occurring.EDIT: My version of Chrome is currently up-to-date.
  5. I am also having the same issue. This issue just began with this new update. My screen also does not fit correctly when I go into Google Chrome "Presentation Mode" like it did before the patch. I hope this gets fixed Soon... I died from darkness because I couldn't put my wood on my fire in time...