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  1. Black screen & weird start menu.

    Apparently if i restart my computer or sometimes just restart chrome it starts working as usual. but after a while it goes back to that bug again. I hope this information helps.
  2. Hello. I haven't been playing don't starve in a while and when i started it up today it looked like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/93898485/dontstarve%20screen1.png The menu buttons still works and when i start the game up it is completely black (no hud or anything) put i could still move and pick stuff up (i heard the sounds). Please help me. Keep up the good work with this awesome game ^^ /Oakleaf
  3. Sometimes when you have a really large pack of pig men and destroys a spider nest a lot of spider eggs spawns (about 5). I think this also affects the silk spawn but i'm not completely sure. I think it has to do with multiple pig men doing the last hit at the same time.Keep up the awesome work! ^^
  4. I second too. I think this is a need for the final product.