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  1. Mod is out of date since the (very recent) Reign of Giants update. No clue if the creator is even aware. edit: To clarify, whether you're in the (hush hush) beta or not, your copy of Don't Starve received a compatibility patch last week. Sadly, this broke a good deal of mods.
  2. Disclaimer: I'm not a regular player, but purchased in several months back, not long before the introduction of the second playable character. I've only started replaying since then. Anyhoo, my question: I noticed the trap interactions have been modified--now, one one longer kills immediately upon capture. Is there a way to turn rabbits into food without removing them from your inventory (after capturing them via a trap, of course)?
  3. I thought that was the case, but switching accounts had no effect (I tried before posting).
  4. I no longer have access to the full game *. I sent an email to the "Contact Us" portion of the forum, but I just wanted to make sure this was the correct course of action. If there is a better avenue to fix this, please let me know. * I purchased into the Beta in early September, for the $6.99 price.