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  1. The process must have been exhausting, so I get that a much needed break would be in order. Oh well, I'll keep my ears to the ground for the time being. Thanks again!
  2. Though aware of this title since its announcement, I never paid much attention during early access. Don't Starve was my first experience with Early Access titles, having played it since the early pre-Steam browser game days, and any interest in Griftlands was mostly due to my general fondness for the company. ... but, a few days back - upon noticing its availability in full retail - I snagged it up, again mostly due to my more general love of Klei. And you know what? I initially thought it an overcomplicated spin on what Slay the Spire did so elegantly. Yet I stuck with it, and after a few short sessions, began to appreciate the unique ingenuity of this title on its own merits. So thank you Klei - color me both surprised and impressed with what you have put on offer here. Question: (to the community, or whomever) As I said, I haven't been following this one too closely. I was curious if the developers have expressed any desire or intentions to continue supporting this title now that it is launched? To be clear, by 'support,' I mean in terms of content. Sales are always a factor, I'm aware, but has any chattered regarding new cards or characters bubbled into the public? Given the exhaustive testing and balancing even cards would demand, I'm not expecting new full on storylines and characters, but wouldn't turn them down. I have enough to keep me happy for a while, but I'm always greedy for more when introduced to brilliance. Thanks again.
  3. Mod is out of date since the (very recent) Reign of Giants update. No clue if the creator is even aware. edit: To clarify, whether you're in the (hush hush) beta or not, your copy of Don't Starve received a compatibility patch last week. Sadly, this broke a good deal of mods.
  4. Disclaimer: I'm not a regular player, but purchased in several months back, not long before the introduction of the second playable character. I've only started replaying since then. Anyhoo, my question: I noticed the trap interactions have been modified--now, one one longer kills immediately upon capture. Is there a way to turn rabbits into food without removing them from your inventory (after capturing them via a trap, of course)?
  5. I thought that was the case, but switching accounts had no effect (I tried before posting).
  6. I no longer have access to the full game *. I sent an email to the "Contact Us" portion of the forum, but I just wanted to make sure this was the correct course of action. If there is a better avenue to fix this, please let me know. * I purchased into the Beta in early September, for the $6.99 price.