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  1. When you start to starve to death your screen gets the bloody background to show you're taking damage. When you succumb to the starvation and come back with an effigy the bloody background is still present even with full life/full.
  2. bien

    Poo Factory

    If you recruit a pig, force feed him a stack of flowers to get a stack of manure, then go get him killed at a spider's nest the pig will drop the stack of flowers you just fed him.
  3. I noticed a bush and a sapling that couldn't be looted because they were too close or in the water.
  4. They are much more manageable now. I'm for keeping the game brutally hard , but their stun trick was a doozy.
  5. I received this error while attacking.I subsequently died
  6. bien

    Bug Report 9-4

    I was able to repeat the bug again as Soon as I picked up freshly looted spider eggs on a different part of the map. Same visual display as previously posted.
  7. I'm playing as Wendy I think (2 unlocked female character with the pigtails). I noticed after today's release that the graves only give loot about 10% of the time as compared to 100% with Wilson.The grave that references "The grave reads "Wilson" Hey that's my name too!" is probably an error for the female characters.Also after killing some spiders and then checking my map I got the game to display some unrecoverable visual bug. It still lets me press buttons, because I can hear the map opening and closing, but the display is still the same.