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  1. Hi,I'm not sure if this is the same issue (or if it is intentional or not), but I have a gray transparent window that takes up most of the upper left portion of the game window. It seems like this transparent window is off-center. It looks like my ability to click objects on the map has been fixed in the recent update, but now the crafting/spell icons on the toolbar to the left are misaligned. I need to click above the actual toolbar button to open that menu. Sorry if this doesn't seem like the same problem that you're experiencing.
  2. EDIT: Double posted by accident, please disregard this post.
  3. Hi,I am unable to click directly on an object to harvest/interact with it. Instead, the spot that must be clicked to interact with an object is somewhere off to the left of an object. For example, I need to click a little bit down and to the left of a bush to harvest the berries. Thanks for any help!(Edit: I wanted to clarify that I usually need to click pretty far off, like an inch and half or so, to interact with an object. It can become a real challenge to locate the correct interaction spot for an object sometimes.)