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  1. The game is pretty unforgiving, which is great, and the meat effigy provides a nice little 'extra life'. However, I think it would be in keeping with the game to have the use of a meat effigy (quickly) advance the world through the remainder of the day, and activate at daybreak, when the game saves.Right now when the Meat effigy is used, it is possible to reload the game from the beginning of the day, and thereby save your effigy (and your beard hair!)Jarnigan
  2. I'm having a similar problem. I just bought the game at PAX, loaded it up, and haven't been able to log in after the character select screen. Error: Module Crashed: Undefined.I cleared my cache, and made sure my chrome is up to date. Additionally, my security software is blocking web page activity from "http://999-async.olark.com" as well as "http://815-async.olark.com"