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  1. Is there a future use to these? Medicine maybe?
  2. THis is happening to me ALOT. My cache is cleared, nothing else is running, and its the current chrome....not sure what I can do.
  3. So far the best move has been to set fire to a large population nest area, and let the entire area burn. Then gather whatever spider meat I can and feed it to the pig people. Then that night when the spiders come out in force I have a militia waiting for them....which is great, since I spawned in a scary spider heavy zone!
  4. I'd really love to unlock Tent...and log suit but I still havent figured out how to gain the science/light bulb points.
  5. It hasnt been a problem so far, a couple of burnt trees has taught me you can collect charcoal.
  6. I have found if you wait until dusk after the spiders have left their nests, and use a torch to set it on fire you can pick off the spiders one by one. Setting them on fire seems to be alot easier than fighting them with an axe.
  7. This has been happening to me now as well. I cant walk, or half way through chopping a tree I can no longer select the tree (or any tree) to chop. I also ALMOST starved to death because it would allow me to feed myself!
  8. I played today at PAX and I see that some of the projects were unlocked that I cannot now use. How do I gain unlock points?