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  1. It's open beta. It's designed to be a "bug-finding" process. Just report them. Also, I am not sure but I have read somewhere that every bug that occurs sends a bug report in the background. So every game you run give them a feedback where the bugs occur.Anyway, reports with screenshots are also helpful. As they gave more information about the situation / backpack inventory etc.
  2. Hey, I was playing around 30 minutes. The error occured after destroying the spiders nest and taking theirs eggs into backpack. Then I wanted to go back to my camp, after few second moving through the forest whole screen repainted to the one attached. Couldnt do anything, even ESC didnt allow me to go back to menu.Chrome version 21.0.1180.89
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    Hey, there is a way to buy the game in Poland. If you want some details, please contact me on this forum via Private Message and I will share what I found and how I achieved this without going to the bank physically.
  4. For sure. Good to see a quick response.
  5. I have canceled the game and started normally from the beginning. No need to reinstall.
  6. Hi there, I am attaching two screens with the error. I cannot continue the game as the second error spawns every time i try to choose CONTINUE from the game menu. I am going to try reinstalling the game hoping this allow me to start from the beginning. I am not sure, if doing so, I would still be able to help debugging the problem.If I can help anyway to debug the problem, please tell me what to do.