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    . Why .

    because its published by microsoft
  2. That would be awesome...
  3. Thanks for the link and fully agreed with this statement
  4. you can change your suits and upgrades in between the levels and while you in a level if you can find a supply point.
  5. i hope you understand this game would never work the way it does in coop. it would lose all the tense and precision which is what it makes so good. i dont want to play with someone else to try to get no alarms in an level and my coop budy screws the things up because he cant be patient and wait for the right moment to attack. but i agree with you on dlc and/or a sequel. but please no coop. put in more levels/tools/chalanges instead and dont waste your time to design stupid coop which would never work in a game like this. alone the ability to freeze time, how woudl you design this in coop?
  6. yes yes and yes. we need mooooar ninja
  7. DiS

    Thank you!

    I just want to thank the whole MOTN Team @ Klei for making this game possible. I am blown away how well made, clever and beautiful this title is. This is by far the best stealth game i played in recent years. Just finished NG+ and i think i just gona delete my savegame and start all over again. I cant remember i have done this with any other game before, yes its just that good. I hope you guys make a sequel and/or DLC, we need more ninja .Great Job Klei, keep it up
  8. DiS


    Hitman? Ok good enough, now take my money
  9. From the videos i have seen so far, the maps look really expanded with multiple paths to take and so on. Will this be a bit of metroidvania where you have to find items to unlock new areas, backtracking and so on? Please tell me it will. Please dont tell me this will be another straight forward 2D plattformer. I am really interested in this game but i dont want another 5 hours straight forward plattformer which just looks cool but has no depth to it.