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  1. Part 2.With couple screens!1. Ghost are invincible as I pressume?;)2. Burning bush? Where's Moses?!The whole forrest was burned by me around day 4 and as you can see after so many days, the fire went wild.;)Noticed also few trees on fire.3. Charcoal bug.Same burned forest. Tried to cut down trees which regrew there. Not only I got logs and pinecones but also charcoal. Profit!4. Not sure if a bug, but every single item from the graves is uncountable, besides amulet it has a number on it (forgot to take the screen). Not sure if it us used to exchange with the big piggy or for other purpose.:PGonna find out!
  2. 1. Sometimes you can't pick items, because they are blocked by other stuff like sampling etc. -> .Had to wait till sampling grew back.2. I've build a tent on a cut grass and when the grass grew back it started to block the entrance to the tent. After cutting it was still impossible to enter the tent. The only way was to burn the grass. Not sure if it was ment to be like that.3. I've probably solved my previous problem (can't create a fire). If you try to create an item from the inventory (tried on the tools and light sources) and during the process you will move then the RMB funcions and creating stuff are getting blocked (you can't cut the tree, mine etc.). It starts to work again after doing a LMB activity (picking samplings, flints etc.)4. Science machine bug - I was using my gold stack to increase research points. Started with 47 RP and one full stack of gold nuggets (32) which should give me 320 RP. Simple math 47+320=367 RP. Still ended with only 297 RP. I've noticed that when you click on the research machine all the time (to speed up the process) sometimes it uses 2 nuggets instead of 1. Tried to see if it happens also with spider silk but didn't notice it.5. Sometimes you can't pick items during the night when they are at the very edge of your sight. You can see the item (carrot f.e.) you can see the desired action but you just can't.That's for now. Keep up the good work:)Cheers!
  3. Hi, Just had a strange issue - I was getting back to my "base" across the map and when it got dark i just couldn't craft any light source - either campfire or torch. Just died, day 5.;(I all the neccessary items, straw, logs, samplings, clicked on the fire and even though I didn't move it didn't work.Never happened before.No screenshot, sry:P