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  1. solemo


    Solved! I used BZ WBK prepaid card. Thanks a lot! ;)But now... game crashed and i can`t play.
  2. After buying game and restart pc game stops working. Before buying game was working. I have error "Error: Module Crashed: undefined".I have standard PC (quad core/2gb ram/GeForce 9800GT). I resinstalled browser and still not working.Edit:Today i started game in my work on HP EliteBook and it works!So why i can`t play on my desktop pc in home?Edit2:Game stops working on my HP EliteBook :/
  3. solemo


    Big thanks for fast response.Ok, i checked limits for online shoping - i can pay for probably all transactions but only in Poland. I called to my bank and i heard about "red card"... Nowadays with blue card i can`t pay in USD because i haven`t currency account.I can pay only in PLN. Curently i heaven`t time to go to my bank and change my account settings :/I propose to allow paypal payments.
  4. solemo


    Hi there!I can`t buy game.When i using my Debit Card [Visa] or Credit Card [MasterCard] (Poland) my payments are refused.I don`t know why, but i still want to play the game ;)Any suggestions?