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  1. loool,i played with a lot , and i don't like when peoples open the trap at the farm when the boss are there.because its more funny to fight the boss to the end ..add me ,XGRF3R is my xbox gamertag ,add me then we can laugh
  2. Its a lot of peoples who plays Shank 2, and i think that if the Shank 2 creators could make some new(s)s map and perhaps some new(s) character(s) it would be more cool and fun .i'm a real Shank 2 player ,the multiplayer mode is awesome and funny.i can't remember how much i was laughing when playin this game so its funny.after playin i thought that i could write you some words ,to ask you ,You KLEI entertainment , to make some kind of extention for SHank2.i just want to share some ideas and fun.I drew a map which i called "In the city" as with the sewer as trap .there is one of my ideas and i think peoples will come back because they always see the same 3 maps ,down on the farm,bombed church and on the boat.personally i don't like the boat because it's so easy to kill goons with the harpon.let me post my map drawin if you want .tell me about it please