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  1. How about creating a life span for the meat that is harvested? Food DOES become rotten after a while....maybe this means that Wilson may have to use the science machine to invent something from keeping the food from becoming rotten.
  2. LOL that is NOT the game. This is the game I was talking about. And it looks very good as well, shame it isnt being continued. http://kleientertainment.com/games/sugar-rush/
  3. Error: Error : data\scripts\prefabs\torch.lua:100: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\prefabs\torch.lua(100,1) in function 'sectionfn' data\scripts\components\fueled.lua(149,1) in function 'DoUpdate' data\scripts\components\fueled.lua(118,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\scheduler.lua(149,1) in function 'OnTick' data\scripts\scheduler.lua(352,1) in function 'RunScheduler' data\scripts\update.lua(72,1)
  4. I dont think there is a limit to how many pigs you can befriend. I remember once when I was up to day 55 I befriended about 15 pigs and i felt like those old ladys that live with a bunch of cats
  5. I believe you need to use the magic item "flute" to put the tentacle to sleep....I haven't tried it yet because to be honest I didnt know what to do with it until I read this thread. But I think using the flute will paralyze the tentacle,allowing you to kill it. if you die dont blame me.
  6. I got the same thing. Error: Error : data\scripts\scenarios\random.lua:268: Load failed LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'assert' data\scripts\scenarios\random.lua(268,1) in function 'DoInitGame' data\scripts\scenarios\random.lua(363,1) in function 'callback' data\scripts\scenarios\random.lua(341,1)
  7. I have a windows 7 pentiumintel ® core i5 CPU M460 @ 2.53 GHz4 GB ram64 bit operating systemI purposefully died 5 times in a row and when I click retry or start it spawns me in the same map as I have had the last 5 games
  8. I found a glitch with the Fire pit. Try this out for yourself. When the fire goes out in the fire pit, REIGNITE it using the TORCH. When you reignite it, there will be fire, but Wilson will still say "at least I could restart the fire". This fire will NEVER go out. You could add 3 logs of wood and it will be a big fire, that will never go out. I did an experiment by not adding anything to the fire pit for 3 days. I came back and it was still there as if I JUST added 3 logs of wood.Try this out! Just trying to help keep the game tip top shape
  9. You know, XGRF3RX looks familiar. I think I played a co-op game with you before! I agree with XGRf3RX, if we have more maps that may be based on the campaign levels and more character skins (because right now the best characters are Defender, Chops, Horror, those are 8/10 the characters that are chosen, every other character has less benefit value when it comes to measuring pros vs cons of that particular character) My fave map is down on the farm. I LOVE throwing those goons in the grinder. I always laugh when I play with a teammate and we open the grinder, and watch the paratrooper goon just land on it and die! LOL(additional thoughts about SHANK, SHANK 2)SHANK 2 is EXTREMELY underrated. Of many of my friends who have never heard of SHANK, but then tried it, loved it. I think Klei Entertainment needs to make some advertising strategies. It would be nice to not wait 5 minutes for someone to join your co-op game all the time.
  10. sorry for double posting, but it would also help out if we knew exactly how much gold we had.
  11. Is it possible to place a description of what each item would do? For example, there is the Pug House, and the Tent. They dont really explain what/how they benefit the scientist (that I am playing as). Also, when I create my Fire Pit, I feel unsafe leaving it alone and going out on long exploration in fear that the fire might die out and I might have to re-make a brand new fire pit. Is it possible to place a timer so that we would know when the fire would die out, so we can expect it and can explore accordingly and not come back to find the fire gone and burnt out? Thanks!