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  1. I think the choice of which is ending is the proper one is still very ambiguous. On my first play through, I killed Azai....then subsequently thought that killing myself was actually the more correct choice. But on further reflection I am still not sure and might even lean towards choosing to kill Azai again. The key factor here that raises alot of questions and doubts about killing yourself as the correct course is Dosan.....the things Dosan says and implies, how he is not really sure the ink makes one as crazy/evil as said, and how he decides to help you....I am really curious what the Special Edition will do to shed more light on things, particularly as it focuses more on Dosan in a prequel level.
  2. New interview with Nels Anderson at Sneaky Bastard with some cool thoughts. Note the last question on possible DLC or a sequel! Man, I hope Klei is considering it.... Seems like Nels would be up for it (i hope!) and feel there is more gameplay potential to explore. Based on what he mentions, my vote would definitely be for more open, exploratory levels in a future sequel----I don't have much interest in multi-player. I think the game mechanics and narrative themes work best for solo play.
  3. I would actually argue this is the BEST ninja game ever (and I am a huge Tenchu fan, Ninja Gaiden, etc.). I am still just floored and what an amazing game Klei has created.I am so hoping Klei considers at the very least DLC, and preferably a full sequel. It would be a big shame to not build off the great response and success of the game, and continue to leverage the awesome stealth game mechanics they created (now that the hard part of building the base gameplay is done). This is a game that deserves a sequel!
  4. Sigh, this is going to be a LONG week....nearly there!
  5. Haha, what can I say....I have kind been obsessing over the game the past few months. Sept. 7th can't get here Soon enough!
  6. Links for my references in my post above: - see starting at about the 16:54 mark in the great Giant Bomb preview for Nels referring to this as the fourth level and being about a third of the way thru game: - in the new Killerbits video preview at about 18:27 Nels mentions that there are four different broad "worlds" or settings. After the first introductory level, the next four levels are all in the "city" setting and then the games goes to different locales:
  7. Piecing a few things together from a couple of the recent video commentary previews with Nels, the following things were mentioned (paraphrasing):- in one video Nels mentioned the level he was playing was the "fourth" level and that it was about a "third" of the way thru the game.- in another Nels mentioned that there were four general "worlds"/settings of which the "city" world is one and all the levels we have seen so far are city levels. So apparently we still have three more "worlds" to see.So given this, maybe: ~12 levels in the game and 3-4 levels per "world"????I am so psyched how long the game seemingly will be!