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  1. You have created a wonderful game. Thank you!

    On my site, I started a campaign in your support:
    224 rubles, valid until today (15.02.2021) evening. Thank the creators, 200rub.- It is almost for nothing!
    Who did not have time - in Steam sales are common. Do not miss the next one.

    Unfortunately, for most players this game is difficult and incomprehensible. As I think I will be able, with simple schemes, to show how this game is simple and interesting.
    We are doing a common cause!

    I am not trying to make money off your name. I'm not a blogger, I have no subscriptions, donates, advertising, etc.

    Allow at least once every week or two, to introduce players to the simple solutions posted on my site.

    Please don't delete my posts!


    Sincerely, Dmitri