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  1. 3 hours ago, Huntsekker said:

    Just to say I'm sold on Klei. I was hearing a lot of good about them already, but never interacted. Recently purchased Griftlands, gave them a (minor) feedback yesterday, it's already in this update. This means that in a single workday, they read my feedback, quickly discussed it and implemented it. So they do the same for everyone feedback.

    While some big companies wait months to react to feedback (if ever), in less than 12 hours, Klei decided and acted. Neat.

    Sometimes we don't even discuss!


    Just out of curiosity, which feature was your suggestion?


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  2. Hey Grifters,

    There's a new prestige level today, and fixes/balance/QOL stuff. Enjoy!

    • Add profile-level destreaking and novelty picking to boss picks in the story. You will see all new bosses in a given part of the game until you can't, and then you'll only see the same boss at most 2 times in a row. If you want the abuse the meta on that, be my guest :)
    • You can select an audio output device in the options menu. The game will try to use that device again the next time you play.
    • Counter is no longer affected by damage modifiers like Power, Cripple, etc.
    • Use different phrasing to describe patrol leader role, since it is not quite the bottom of the admiralty hierarchy.
    • Update card text on Focused Assault for consistency.
    • New Prestige 4: No longer restore resolve after combat. Old level 4 is now level 6.
    • fixed typo in bash_plus2i
    • Added a CanPlayCard to Charged Barrage that was previously missing
    • Fix a bug where Feedback Loop, Wounding Barb, First Blood were applying debuffs to all attacks for multi-attack cards.
    • Corrected descriptions of bully_plus2c and bully_plus2d
    • Portable Bunker: Show correct Defend value if modifiers apply.
    • Reworked Cranial Patch
    • Buffed the chained version of Hammer Swing (base card is unchanged)
    • Making Molehills: The mole no longer dislikes you if you convince them to inform.
    • Apply boss difficulty modifier to initial Unstable Drone stacks, not just the drones summoned later on.  It is also no longer random.
    • Added wild upgrades for Brag, Bully and Bewilder
    • Added missing Expend flag to Flying Dropkick
    • Added missing target_mod to Hurricane
    • Fixed typo in toughen_up_plus2d

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  3. Here's a small update, because some streamers are playing experimental now...

    You can now click an agent's portrait in conversation to show a detailed popup of that character.

    • You can now also click names in conversation text and the to-do list to see their details screen.
    • Fix ugly one-frame layout while the character details popup fades in.
    • Delete human-centric subtitle text in graft replacement.
    • re-did broken bloom on flead queen
    • Entire Supply: fix crash
    • On The House: Fix inaccurate description and add keyword for Composure.
    • Buff and Heal intents have a tooltip again.
    • Matter of Faith: Fix aggressor status when the priest attacks you.
    • Hits are now correctly given evaded or defended status independently of eachother.
    • Add Efficient Disposal as damage source.
    • Combo degenerates with *any* damage
    • Post Emergency Generator card in the event that gives it.
    • Include traceback of when a DebugPanel is created.
    • Fix cleaved not working.
    • Fix potential crash with Muscle Memory if there are no improvise candidates.
    • Fix Emergency Shield Generator if you improvised it into your hand after your turn started.
    • Fix Emergency Shield Generator stacking if you had multiple of them in your deck.
    • Add evasion to debug fighter menu
    • Fixed description of Shock Grenade to be consistent with other similar items
    • Removed debug code that was causing bleed cards to not expend
    • Reworked fragmenter_plus to apply wound and cripple instead of double wound
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  4. Hey Grifters,

    We added some more quests to the main game and to brawl mode today. Old brawl saves will be incompatible, sorry to say. We'll have that stabilized for the actual release of brawl.

    • add side_matter_of_faith
    • add sal_brawl_win_the_crowd
    • add sal_brawl_pick_sides
    • Fixed crash caused by Defenseless
    • Removed flag on muscle_memory_plus2 that was making it not expend
    • Sal's brawl no longer counts as a win for unlocking new prestige levels
    • secret intel argument added
    • add an agent title format string
    • predetermine the brawl a lot more, so that we can balance the quest types
    • Added upgrade highlighting to planning_plus2
    • Rugged Wiring now clarifies: when you take enemy damage.
    • Fix Power from Rentorian Battle Armor not being removed when you take certain forms of damage.
    • Clarify card text on Overloaded Core.
    • Clarify Improvise tooltip desc to not mention 'random pool'.  The cards that Improvise from a random pool state this in their card text.
    • Fixed order of operations on Go Between
    • Fixed bug where One One One wouldn't play its anim three times (still dealt damage 3 times)
    • Fixed description of caprice_plus
    • Added a max_stacks to Hilt Slam
    • Remove SPARK_BARON_AUTOMECH and RISE_AUTOMECH skins, they shouldn't exist.  Fixes Enforcer Enforcer and Cobblebot Cobblebot showing up.
    • Fix death by fragile health.
    • Fix crash updating survival widget when no survival is taking place.  These widgets are actually kept around in the MainOverlay.
    • Turns counter actually isn't incremented per team, so amend the math.

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  5. Hey grifters,

    We added a couple new brawl quests, and fixed a lot smith bugs today. Enjoy!


    • Add sal_brawl_investigate, an alt rules negotiation where you obtain intel arguments for extra quest rewards.
    • Add sal_brawl_mech_survival, a rank 3-5 job where you survive 6 turns against an army of mechs.
    • Fixed bug where reuse with no bottles caused a crash
    • Fixed issue where Traumatized could be removed by non-attack cards against the target
    • Fixed crash caused by Freebie
    • Fix gaining max health as a brawl bonus
    • Fix crashy quest description
    • feint_plus2a now gives 2 counter
    • Reduced healing on Seeker by 1
    • Adjusted damage of the upgrades of hair_trigger to give the same damage potential
    • Showing an animation on the Bottles Indicator when the number changes. Also adding a tooltip to them. Repositioning the cards panel widgets for the various streaming and UI scaling modes.
    • Spin now performs its triggered Gambles after its damage fully resolves to avoid awkward visualization.
    • Vulnerability now applies to a host of damage-dealing effects: Baffled, Bad Deal, Moment of Weakness, Planted Evidence, Irritable, Double Edge, Resilience, Foot Ante, Kicker, Matter of Fact, Head Split, Spin.
    • CollectPrimaryTarget now returns the core argument if a Negotiator was passed in as a target, so that handlers can deal with modifiers only.
    • Fixed bug where muscle_memory_plus2 was improvising from the entire discard pile, instead of from 3 cards
    • Sal's Brawl: fixed bug where the "Draft a battle card" option was letting you draft 3 cards
    • Sal's Brawl: Both negotiation and battle card drafts from Oolo now let you draft 2 cards
    • Collection Day: Add the subject of the betrayal to the rat out option so they don't help you.
    • Don't show a misleading targetting arrow for Enforcement, since it can target multiple enemy arguments any number of times.
    • Fixed where Power Trip wasn't giving the expected amount of Adrenaline
    • Hooked up new Bottle count UI for Smith to show how many bottles are in his draw and discard piles
    • Pivot now grants 2x Defend per adrenaline (upgrade only alleviates 1x)
    • Multi choice buttons in convo and the location screen can be clicked via numeric hotkey.
    • Preparing your prepared card no longer counts as preparing a card (for the purposes of triggering grafts, arguments, etc)
    • Collateralator now also gives bottles Restrained
    • Fixed bug where Collateralator was giving bottles replenish
    • Fixed upgrades for Swig
    • The Spark Baron Automech's Hover Pack condition now displays the current number of attacks as stacks
    • Clarified description of Charged Strikes
    • Fixed bug where killing the Crimson Drusk twice would reward double death loot
    • Heated now has 3 resolve instead of 5.
    • Fixed incorrect min_damage on Rooted Cross
    • Fix lots of typos

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  6. Hey Grifters,

    Two big changes today:

    • Smith's bottle mechanic got a revamp - try it and tell us what you think!
    • Sal's brawl is a bit more streamlined. You don't get to pick jobs any more - jobs pick YOU.

    Brawl modes are supposed to be fast and loose, and focused on cardplay and immediate feedback. After some internal testing, we found that the job-picking version was suffering from choice fatigue even moreso than story mode, because there was no downtime between the choices. Hopefully this addresses that. :)


    • streamlined the brawl a bit - you don't get a choice of jobs - you have to do the one that the game picks for you
    • brawl quests don't give extra rewards - you get your extras from fssh
    • Changed cards that expend empty bottles to expend them from your entire deck instead of your hand.
    • Empty Bottles no longer have replenish
    • Overall tuning of any card that spends or generates Empty Bottles
    • Reworked the following Smith cards and grafts: Reuse, Packrat, Fire Breather, Two Fisted
    • Removed the following Smith cards: Last Drop, Hoarder
    • Admiralty Patrol Leaders and Admiralty Guards have had their social boons/banes swapped.
    • Fix Ambush applying for turns after the first.
    • Fix stuck cards caused by card stealing in battle.
    • Remove the rarity-dependent resolve on Appropriated as it can cause confusion.
    • Restring Formation for clarity.  It gets re-applied at the end of the fighter's turn now so that allied Admiralty Goons don't just have permanent Formation.
    • Tooltip only the resultant relationship if a conversation option triggers more than one opinion event for an agent.
    • When attacking somebody, the opinion event now occurs before the battle instead of after.
    • Negotiating your way to save your friend is no longer classified an Intimidation.
    • Brainwash+ now restores resolve per Propaganda card in hand, instead of adding Impatience for all Propaganda cards.
    • Fix Efficient Disposal not visualization correctly when using Battle Scars or Adapt.
    • Add Expend keyword to Serial Disposal.
    • Fixed bug where Kashio's clones didn't show condition floaters correctly
    • Added negotiation support for the Rentorian 
    • Boost Spare Change bonus from 50 to 100 shills.
    • Fix Condition added/removed events potentially being rearranged, resulting in incorrect counts on the UI (ie: inside fighting followed by 2 switch blades)
    • Fix Overturn crash
    • fix trigger for end of side_jake_escort 

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  7. 1 hour ago, RageLeague said:

    Faction battle is very easy right now. You got an entire patrol team on your side fighting against the enemy patrol team with the same difficulty. At a later date this is more important, because in other fights, the opponent have ridiculous backup, but in this quest, you have the same ridiculous backup as well.

    I can see how that would be the case. I might try making the opposition force be a difficulty step up from yours, or maybe making your backup draw from a special tuned table.  

    Next week I want to add a bunch more brawl quests and focus a bit on getting the player to negotiate more.  

    How is the overall experience playing out so far? Are there parts of the main game that feel missing? Pets maybe?

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  8. A little addendum...


    • Show explicit opinion consequences in convo options.
    • Preview the consequence of the 'attacked' opinion event when you engage in non self-defense battle.
    • Brainwash now shows the Propaganda card in its tooltip.
    • refresh card order when reinserting into a CardArrangement.  Fixes wrong ordering for cards when being triggered.
    • Fix Strained Rant not factoring in cost modifiers to the discarded cards.
    • Drawback is now "...cost 1 less until played."
    • The tooltip for the Doubt inception now states that its damage increases per count.
    • Reduced the damage and wound dealt by the Enforcer call in card
    • Reduced the amount of charges of the Rise Rebel call in card from 4 to 3
    • Fellemo's call in attack now hits 4 times instead of 5 (same overall damage)
    • audio: combat sounds for zealot and lifter.
    • Allowing the gamepad to switch between convo options and plax agents. Also hiding the Travel option if there isn't an Open Map button.
    • Fixed description of shatterguard
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