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  1. It's amazing Kevin, can't report a single problem with it so far, but will keep testing it throughout weekend :-) Thank you!


    On a second hand, did you guys alter / break the werepig transformation? Feed naughty pig 4 monster meats. Leave it alone, he will transform like before. However, attack him right as he begins to transform (which was the normal all the time from beta until now), he instantly transforms (skips all the animation / passive behaviour while transforming + howling at moon etc) and instantly attacks as a fully transformed werepig he is (like in super duper version of werepigs). I don't mind if this is how you plan to change it, but would be nice of a small comment on it so we know what to expect, attacking a transforming werepig with no armor before was relatively safe (depending on weapon / character used, you could kill them before the animation was complete, giving him no chance to fight back), but now... IT'S PAINFUL to learn about it the hard way! Thanks god to lifegiving amulet xD


    Indeed. I made it so that if you attack them during the transformation, they skip to the end of said transformation. Otherwise, they are harvestable!

  2. Kevin, just a question:


    How about adding an option regarding the new attack button?

    Looks like some people - count me as +1 - got used the "space does everything" concept, what is in place for a while and now got separated to action and attack buttons (what I dont like, because it is redundant, adds no benefit, so no advantage). The simplicity and convenience was an advantage, and I liked that the challenge was not in the controls but in the game - please keep it that way and don't add unnecessary complexity.


    So, why not adding an option and let the players decide who will use what? Honestly, it wouldn't be that hard to implement and you would make EVERYONE happy.


    (if this whole messup is caused by the PS4 port, then consider me as an unhappy customer. Why THAT take priority over the PC customers?)


    It's not an accommodation for the PS4 port - It's that I finally go around to it because I'm looking at controls as a part of doing the PS4 / bigpicture port. Having two buttons makes for a much less ambiguous system - you won't accidentally poke a beefalo in the eye when you're trying to pick up his poo any more (which used to happen all of the time). I also didn't want to put this in before we got key-remapping in the last update.


    As I've said before, having too many options and toggles becomes incomprehensible for a new player rather quickly. If we added an option every time we changed something in the game, there would be dozens of the things by now :)


    I think that the two-button solution is superior, but I'm sure that someone will publish a mod for people who really prefer the old way.

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  3. Ha! 


    In general, I don't really like adding a lot of toggles and options for things like this - each one incurs an upkeep cost as I try not to break them all in the future. Also, if we did add them whenever it seemed like we should, there would be dozens of the dang things by now, and it would be really confusing for both players and developers.


    I suspect that the gamepad controls might be more up your alley, once I figure them out. They are going to be more action-y.

  4. Darn. So my character will start to walk towards the enemy again unless my already using WASD? Well that's a shame, also don't like the fact that I can't attack while nothing's around, sounds stupid but for some reason I liked the option. Oh well...gotta do what you gotta do I guess...Hopefully someone will release a mod that will make combat work like it does at this very moment because I really like it.


    I tend to agree, but I think that my tolerance for action games is higher than most of the DS audience. :)

  5. So, uh... apparently people don't play the game the same way that I do. I tend to click a lot and do all my walking manually. Different strokes, I guess.


    From the feedback that we've received, I've re-thought the attack controls. Here are the new details:


    * There is an attack button (F) and an action button (space), and a force attack modifier (ctrl)

    * You can hold these buttons to repeat actions/attacks

    * The action radius is the size that it used to be

    * The attack button will autowalk you to a target if you are not currently WASD walking

    * Dragging the mouse to walk, and then passing over the UI will not stop you

    * The attack button will not automatically target friendlies or neutrals. You can use the force attack button with it to initiate combat 

    * If you press attack, and there's nothing around, nothing happens. This feels kinda gross, but it was confusing if you whiffed on a friendly.

    * Action button mining works again


    This will go live in a hotfix tomorrow. 

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  6. We've decided not to do the heatwave and the lava cave. We're going to focus on polish for the last couple updates, and then move on to the DLC when the six months is up.In the end, they just weren't compelling enough to keep the game under active development. We're much more excited by the possibilities that giving the mod community a stable codebase will bring.

  7. So i loaded up a my game a few minutes ago and some sort of hotfix was forced on me.. Upon downloading it my FPS descended to an unplayable rate. The FPS is probably below 5 now and the game totally unplayable yet the menu screens run at normal fps. Yes the strange new power update was working for 2 days at normal fps before this hotfix.

    If you're on Chrome, we have a fix working its way through the system.

  8. I Can't play the public preview too (same problem).

    My Log and dxdiag: [ATTACH]10720[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10722[/ATTACH]

    Ahh! Thanks for the log. It would appear that your video card does not like some changes that we made to the shaders used in the cave. We're looking into what can be done - thanks for your patience!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I Can't play the public preview too (same problem).

    My Log and dxdiag: [ATTACH]10720[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10722[/ATTACH]

    Ahh! Thanks for the log. It would appear that your video card does not like some changes that we made to the shaders used in the cave. We're looking into what can be done - thanks for your patience!