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  1. the obsidian is between the tubes, left of my batterys
  2. 2 bugs in a single screenshot I locked a room with vacuum, after many saves and loads a random obsidian just appeared there, I'm sure it was not open to anyone and there was nothing there. Another room, I'm 1000% sure I've build 4 smart batterys out of steel, filled the room with hydrogen and locked it, it's been working great for many cycles, it has always been arount 50º, today I've loaded the game and one of them broke. I clicked it and for whatever reason it was Lead. I am more than sure I had that Steel, I didn't even have lead when I built it and it became lead out of the blue.... If it was lead it shoul've been broken many many cycles ago, but it was steel.... Sadly I'll have to enable debug to fix those, but they are very annoying.... I've had waterlocks disapearing but I tought this was normal for liquids to just disapear at 30º, it's not hot at all, but still... anyways, the steel to lead really got me, very stupid and random...