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  1. Hi, I've never really used automation before, so this may be an incredibly easy fix, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.. I have two metal refineries that are running off two separate tamed geysers that are very close. My power system isn't established, so it's still very early game for me. I don't have the extra capacity to run both simultaneously. Is it possible to use automation to only allow the use of one of them at a time so as not to overload the system? I could just build them each a coal generator and call it a day. but I'm determined to learn this damnit lol
  2. Just curious if anyone else has ever had a planet spawn with no Input Teleporter.. I can send things off-planet.... I just can't bring things to my planet... Is it possible that it can be buried under areas that haven't been mined? I started on the Metallic Swampy Asteroid (I can't remember what the game calls them) I've explore pretty much the entirety of the map, I haven't mined all of it yet though. It just doesn't exist. Is this a thing? I've only ever has asteroids spawn with both an input ant output.