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  1. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. (I was really enjoying there being a nice alternative to pip-planted arbor trees for resource-positive pdirt and ethanol/pwater.) I wonder if it would be good to tie molt rate to metabolism rather than just an on/off switch? Since the design philosophy here seems to be that tame critters shouldn't be both low-dupe-labor and resource-positive by themselves, could we maybe see a nerf to the one-tile infinite Pacu farm, and maybe to tame+glum drecko scale growth (not to zero necessarily, but maybe to the wild growth rate)?
  2. Update: I just tried it with disabling all mods and the issue still occurred, so presumably no mod gremilns are involved.
  3. Just submitted a bug report. I did reload the save from right before the issue happened (I was lucky to catch it same cycle!) and it happened again. I may try again after disabling all mods and see if that changes anything.
  4. It seems that the volcano output causing nearby things (specifically water) to freeze is persisting in Fast Friends. I'm attaching two saves: (1) the save of right after I noticed the issue, (2) the autosave from the beginning of the cycle, before the issue occurred. I tried loading up the autosave and rerunning that cycle and the issue reoccurred so it is probably reproducible. The culprit is the gold volcano at the right side of the map on the radioactive forest planetoid. The issue occurred at the first eruption from the cycle 195 autosave (which is also the first time the volcano has been exposed in order to actually erupt). I doubt it's relevant but I had a dupe analyzing the volcano and cancelled analysis while the volcano had pressure rising before it erupted. Only mods active are QoL and shouldn't affect this: bigger camera zoom out, build over plants, show building ranges, falling sand, pliers fixed, material colored tiles and more, material selection properties, and automatic geyser calculation. I may try again after disabling mods and see if it still occurs. Chaotic Friends (after noticing bug).sav Chaotic Friends Cycle 195.sav
  5. This save was actually started on Fast Friends. It's been saved and then loaded again when I updated my game to this patch as well. Is there a reason that wouldn't be enough?
  6. Unfortunately the volcano-freezing-water-to-extremely-cold-ice issue, listed as fixed in the previous public testing patch, still seems to be present. (I can't say whether it was still present in that patch or was reintroduced in this one, since I didn't start to do volcano taming until I updated to this patch.) I have a few QOL mods active but nothing that should affect simulation. As in previous reports, the culprit metal volcano is located near the right side of the map.