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  1. If one was to create a pitcher pump in a single tile depth, where one of the active pump tiles contains liquid (~260kg/tile water in this image, but can go all the way to 1000kg) and the other tile contains gas (0.5kg CO2 under the dupe in this image, blocking the water from spreading out), the dupe will be stuck in an infinite animation loop for pumping the water. (until they have downtime or a higher priority errand). The water level never decreases as no water is ever pumped. This bug appears to only be present with the single tile depth shown in the image. Any time the red/white tube is present with 2+ tiles depth, the bug no longer occurs and dupes can pump liquids as usual. Edit: After more Live play, this also happens if two different liquids are sharing the pitcher pump in a single tile depth, not just liquid and gas.