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  1. An eyeball plant spawned on top of my 40 houndstooth traps and it just de-spawned 38 of the houndstooth traps out of the world. They weren't in the eye plant when I destroyed it. It was just like they couldn't both exist.
  2. Nope, we didn't touch it at all after. Just deactivated it and put it away. This didn't stop it from spawning in if we joined the server at night though. It doesn't come in every night, only the first initial night that we spawn in if we spawn in at night. If we spawn in during the day, it doesn't come at all during our round of playing, even the following night. It only comes if we spawn into the server while it's already night, it's just there, lurking. And it disappears by morning and doesn't come back for the rest of our gaming session. And for clarification- we don't want it to spawn, we want it to stop automatically being there if the server starts up at night, even though the terrarium is inactive. If it starts up during the day, it doesn't spawn at all during that gaming period, even during the nights. The only condition that it spawns under (without us activating the terrarium) is if the server happens to start up when it's night.
  3. Issue: If the server is started up when it is night time, the eye of terror is automatically there, even though the terrarium is always inactive. For context: My girlfriend and I play on our server every night. Sometimes when we start up the server, it's day time, sometimes it's night time. Anytime that we spawn in and it happens to be nighttime, the eyeball is there as well. So, starting off at the beginning, Very early on in our game, my girlfriend and I found the terrarium and activated it. That night, the Eye of Terror came. So we deactivated it and the next night, he did not come. The Terrarium has NOT been active since and has been stored inactively in the chest for over 600 game days now. When the server starts up and it is day time when it starts up, the eye does not spawn, and does not spawn in for the rest of the time that we play that night. However, if the server starts up and it is NIGHT time, the eyeball is there. After that initial night, it does not come back the following nights during that round of playing on the server. Just that night when we first start the server, and it disappears by morning. On top of this, the little minions that the eyeball creates will sometimes spawn in at random times throughout the day throughout the biome we live in, even if the eye of terror isn't there. This glitch has killed us m a n y times because it takes about 20 seconds for the map to load but in the meantime, the eyeball is charging us over and over until it finally kills us. This has almost caused our world to end many times and it's really frustrating. We have to be extremely cautious every time we open our world and it would be extremely helpful if this could be resolved. Thank you!! Sorry if any of this sounded harsh, I know it's a bug and that's nobody's fault, but it's been really annoying to deal with, and I wasn't aware I could report it