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  1. I went into a new world without too many items, and it seems like the issue is solved. I then re-enabled it just to check, but then everything was still fine. My guess is, and I know this might sound dumb, but too many items trying to save a teleport spot through different worlds? I almost never use the teleports, apart from when I'm testing things out, but I guess when I disabled it, it cleared the teleport saves or something? Again, that's just a guess that I'm basing off of what the .dmp file says about the teleport saves. I'm almost completely sure it did have something to do with the rooks, but now I'm also convinced it had something to do with the teleport saves. The .dmp file mentions the teleport saves, but also an invalid shape type, so it could be one of them, or both. Regardless, it seems like everything is all good now, thanks for your help!
  2. I uploaded the only .dmp file in the don't starve together documents folder I could find, and I also uploaded the server log, I made a new world this morning to check if the rook was still an issue, and so I spawned a rook in, and the game still crashed. The server log mentions a cutlass supreme mod, but I had that mod disabled for the latest try with the rook, so I didn't include it in the list. By the bottom of the log, you can see the moment I spawn in the rook, the game just closes, without any apparent cause that I can see, but maybe I just don't know enough about the server log.
  3. I added the mods and posts that I found to my post, but what do you mean about the logs? Is it the file marked client_log? Because if it is, then I couldn't find anything about world modification, the closest thing to that was something called "modworldgenmain.lua" that it kept checking for all the mods, but it kept saying "Mod had no modworldgenmain.lua. Skipping."
  4. Whenever I go near a rook, it functions as normal, charging up until it starts to run, but right before it starts to run, the whole game crashes. And even if I run away from the rook somehow, the game will still crash after a few seconds every time I open a world. It doesn't only happen when the rooks are targeting me, they'll target anything, then crash the game, and make the world unplayable. There' only two other reports about this that I could find, and one says that it's fixed, which is just not true. It doesn't even give me a notification about it crashing or anything, it just freezes and then closes the game. Here's the links to the posts I found about it, game crash after clockwork rook's attack - Don't Starve Together - Klei Entertainment Forums Being targeted by Clockwork Rook crashes game - Don't Starve Together - Klei Entertainment Forums And here's the mods I have active, they're mostly just client QOL mods, though, Steam Workshop::Cookbook [Client] ( Steam Workshop::[DST]Too Many Items ( Steam Workshop::Show Me (Origin) ( Steam Workshop::Display Attack Range ( Steam Workshop::Extra Equip Slots ( Steam Workshop::Combined Status ( Steam Workshop::DST Where's My Beefalo? (