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  1. It's an endless world dude. Edit: Specifically The Beehive (endless) US east. I agree resetting a world isn't always greifing but after being greifed 3 irl days in a row, this time it was deliberately done in order to reset our progress.They couldn't find the base in caves this time because we hid it on lunar, forking up our farm plots so they couldn't use observer camera to find the base. Which is why they regenerated. They knew progress was being done by lunar storm being active and couldn't find the base to burn and pillage so they just waited to regenerate. It's possible it was a random newcomer who wanted to restart but highly doubt it given it was basically a week of the server being targetted.
  2. This time they reset the server. We based in caves twice, everything burnt. The third time we based on lunar. Now the server is reset, just as we were about to do celestial like it was literally all set up by day 80 and the server is reset, no one on it, day 15. Guess you just can't sleep and have to kill celestial all in one sitting if you want to get anything done in a pub. Edit: So I'm guessing it's atleast 3 people if they are regenerating the world. Being dedicated enough to regenerate a second year world with lunar storm active is just sad tho.
  3. "The Bee Hive" was the endless official US East server and I have the same problem, can't find any US East servers at all.
  4. The only thing that got hit by a meteor was my Ksack, half the items fell out, the other half were deleted.
  5. Meteor hit my krampus sack, lost items like bone armor, walking cane and bundles. We tried to rollback the klei official server and it crashed, resetting the endless world to day 1. Is the meteor part intended?