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  1. Eh? I play PS4 and its such an upgrade in my eyes. The old crafting was busted and annoying, with many items being piled into categories that didnt make sense. Nowadays, I never have to deal with not knowing where a crafting item is. I respect your opinion, but Im saying that it is a much appreciated change for me.
  2. Wendy should be able to understand Abigail. With unique dialogue that only Wendy can read and see, similar to Lucy. Not much of a perk but I would love it. Seriously though, Wendy should gain more sanity from picking flowers. I mean its a core component to her sister's sisturn No, at 85% sanity and higher (estimate) players can not see shadow creatures at all. The only way sane characters can see the creatures is by an attack prompt that appears if its aggressive to another player.
  3. Your absolutely right, its just sometimes the immediate "Im starving and meatballs is the best choice" never sat right with me. But its just a personal grip, just wanted to hear another opinion.
  4. But who wrote the notebooks. Are the quotes too gonna end in "-W" Oh the mysteries that could come forth from this suggested addition.
  5. Another post cause my brain is a touch frizzy right now. In my opinion, well more like I got reminded while reading, meatballs always bugged me. Now I do not think they should give less hunger or take away health or anything like that, but rather they have too many ways to make it. This became more apparent after bunny stew was added, allowing a use for ice beyond meatballs by including a dish that heated the player up while providing okay hunger. The only issue is that it requires 0.5 meat value to make the stew, which should be increased to 1 meat value + ice. Eliminating the nostalgic ice-balls traditional creation method. Finally, despite my former disclaimer, I do believe meatballs should only give hunger. Not the little health and sanity it provides. But what do you think, is the problem something else regarding meatballs or is their a problem at all?
  6. Think of it this way. The old menu's horizontal design was up-to-date back when DS did not have many craftable items. But now, we have dozens upon dozens of items that could not possibly be represented well with the old menu's design. Plus it was just plain ugly and you couldnt see how to make things in other stations without being right next to it. So far all of your complaints have been solved and explained by others. I hope you can get used to the new look.
  7. You make a great point, the suggestion is good too. The fight would need huge tuning, for one instead of more HP and defense just more erratic attacking and possibly less defense. However the mechanic of the deer, like I said, discourage enraging him. So how could the game communicate that it is a good idea loot-wise? ... Unironically yes...
  8. I just want to know want vegetarian kababs are not a thing. Glazed mushrooms would also be a welcome dish.
  9. Simple as the title. It is a one-or-the-other question, yet Im sure some of yall will still say it should be somewhere in the middle. Or have the updates not sided at all in your opinion?
  10. Plantara, queen bee, enraged mechs, enraged skeletron all dont drop extra stuff when you "make the fight harder" so-
  11. The suggestion here is that people want a reward from a punishment. That doesnt make much sense. The deer are designed so players learn that the deer need to live if a player hopes to kill Klaus. There should be no reward for this if the mechanic itself also doesnt encourage enraging him in the first place.
  12. I-it was a joke...why so mean... I swear Im this close to using tone indicators. I thought they were silly but here I am.