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  1. It unlocked! Just kept swapping followers until it did haha. Thanks again
  2. Hi, thanks for your help. I can see I already have quite a few followers unlocked such as "pinny" and "starry" There is one more i can purchase for 900 tickets which ill try save up for in the hopes it triggers the achievement!
  3. Hi, thank you for your help. I do have all 60 out 60 blue cards for the basement level. I hope I'm not being stupid, but I can't find out if I have unlocked a follower and where to equip them with the new menu changes. Kind regards
  4. Hi, Apologies if this is not the best place to ask this but I couldn't find any similar threads to go from. I'm a bit of an avid achievement hunter and also a big fan of the Hot Lava game, however I can't find out how to unlock this achievement. The only advise I can find online referes to the sticker packs which I can no longer find in the game with the new customisation updates. Do you have any advice on how to unlock this, it would make me very happy to 100% the game :). Many thanks