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  1. Dude, it's just a minor change, and I don't see how I was being aggressive, maybe a little annoyed at most. I'm gonna drop it because I don't wanna start anything aggravating, and yes I have been hit by surprise depth worms. I just think it would be cool to have them have a different health value and have a bit more thinking. I have played the game for a long time and just liked the original don't starve's wx's personal challenges.
  2. #1, Terrorbeaks deal 50 damage, and both of those creatures are easy to dodge, maybe not the terrorbeak as much but refer to the former. and Wes and Waxwell are made to be like that to keep you on your toes, with Wes even being a challenge character, and it being Waxwell's downside. #2, No need to be aggressive, It's just a change for new players in my eyes for more downsides, and with my experience from the game I've always had fun with more challenging characters with harder to manage stats or something that constantly keeps you on your toes. Next, you stated that the max health means nothing because armor just makes it inconsequential. Like seriously, what's the point of giving characters different health values if that's all there is, healing and armor . 100 hp would just make the game a bit more uncompromising, as it should be in my eyes. I really like characters with huge downsides and I think most people would enjoy them too. While not too huge, it would make WX make you think just a little bit more.
  3. Well for starters, yeah I can see how that can be annoying, I mainly just think the hp value should be 100. BUT for the 2nd part, you could say the exact same thing for every single character. Why do different hp values matter? It makes the earlier game harder, and makes it more of a challenge to start up. It's like saying "why do you need 300 hp if you can survive at 75 forever???" It doesn't really work, like yeah kiting gives you infinite hp but it still makes doing it early game harder with more punishment, plus for me at least it would make health upgrades feel more like upgrades instead of unneeded and overkill. I also think that it would fit their premise of being buildable better.
  4. Well for the 1st part it would make it so you would have to take more food with you and be more prepared, and food is easy anyways idk why it would be that much of a challenge. For sanity I don't really care too much because I don't manage it in the first place, so sanity could probably stay at 125, but I think health should at least drop to 100 so it fits the feeling of "upgrade to make them better", a build a character, plus I few the game as an uncompromising game and I personally think it should be harder. TLDR: sanity can stay, hunger doesn't matter too much but its not that hard to deal with, but their health should still be lowered to 100 to make them feel like an upgradable character.
  5. honestly I think it would be a lot more interesting if all of wx's starting stats were set back to all 100's, would make all of the stat circuits more viable and make them more interesting and more of a challenge.