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  1. Yeah that's what i meant (my poor english) but before the latest hotfixes if you do ctrl+LBM and then hold ctrl+f the character would start continuesly hitting him. Now it's not the case. Although i wouldn't be annoyed if this supposed to work this way
  2. Not sure about this one, just got the feeling that character's hitting animation became slower
  3. The game is crashing when you try to move your character with cursor while holding jimmy in it
  4. I think the time that takes to recharge each energy slot should scale to WX' hunger. The more hunger meter the faster is recharging. Right now the 1,5 minutes or so for 1 slot to recharge is frustrating especially without Wickerbottom or Winona in the team
  5. I think the volt goat chaud-froid should fill all 6 slots of energy, considering costs and warly requirement
  6. What do you think about different from moggles effect? Sort of this picture
  7. Please remove Optoelectronic Circuit's activation when the dusk comes in. The moggles vision is very disturbing and there's no reason to have it while dusk when you don't need it at all.